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Our Blockchain Services Make dApps A Part Of Your Business Reality and us the Leading Blockchain Development Company in India

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Custom Blockchain Solutions

We offer customized Blockchain solutions to integrate with your existing mobile apps, making them dApps.

Blockchain App Consulting

The blockchain is the present day’s most innovative and disruptive technology, but is it right for you? And to what extent? In our capacity as the best Blockchain Development Company in the USA, We help you find answers to these questions.

IV Browser Web 3.0

We are developing a web browser, with user privacy as its focus. The central idea is to protect the freedom of the citizens of cyberspace by blocking 3rd party advertisements & data trackers, and rewarding users for engagement.

Online privacy is under attack as user data is mined in an insidious fashion and sold to 3rd party advertisers. Not only are users bombarded with irrelevant ads, but also exposed to malicious content. Advertisers lose money and never achieve the level of targeting they paid for, also, publishers get compensated poorly for their content as a majority of the advertising costs are kept by middlemen for themselves, thus, users end up with little to no privacy while wading through a sea of unwanted content. The only beneficiaries of this system are the middlemen.

  1. We will be creating a Web Browser which will have privacy protection features like Ad Blockers, Tracking Blockers etc. built in..
  2. Creating a whole new ecosystem for monetization of content by incentivising both Content Publishers/Creators and Readers/Consumers and create a more open Ad-tech community.
  3. We will create a new ERC-20 token which will power all the transactions over this privacy protected ecosystem.

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